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  Transylvania & Bukovina               
         UNESCO's Heritage

Orthodox Monasteries in Bukovina
         Saxon  Fortified Churches in Transylvania

Transylvania Castles & Citadel Cities
        Prince Vlad & Count Dracula

          Romanian countryside experience Maramures
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Mountains& Lakes

Brasov,Sinaia & Predeal

Romantic Getaway    - three nights for only 129 Euro 

Adventure   Jeep, ATV & Q Bike Tours!   Ask for details.

Transylvania Highlights
Castles & Citadel Cities

Corvinesti Hunedoara Castle
Legendary castle in Transylvania with
plenty of good stories

Bran Castle -
also known as
Dracula's Castle
legendary  fortress
dating back to 1377

Peles Castle -
Summer residence
for former  Royal family

Rasnov Peasant Citadel-
the largest fortification ever build in eastern Europe
Brasov City &  Citadel
An outstanding medieval city with a medieval atmosphere one of the best preserved cities in Europe
also called Hermanstad
A city citadel which no one succeeded in conquering due to its strong fortifications, the Europe Capital of 2008, one of most beautiful cities of Europe
Halloween Goths Party
Dracula’s birth place; party in the house where Vlad the Impaler was born and enjoy the best Halloween party ever. October 31
Bargo Pass - Dracula's Hotel /Castle
Bram Stoker’s imaginary castle where  he placed the Bloody Count Dracula; accommodation, candle lit dinner and a camp fire with all the right stories

Transylvania Tours
Transylvania & Bucharest

Quick tour

Day 1.Bucharest

Day 2. Brasov 

Day 3. Sibiu  Sighisoara

Day 4.  Bucharest

Transylvania &  Bucharest
one week tour

Day 1.Bucharest

Day 2. Sibiu 

Day 3.  Cluj Bistrita  

Day 4. Sighisoara Brasov   

Day 5.  Brasov 

Day 6. Bucharest  


- Following the Bram Stoker's novel " Dracula "

 Only   Legends,  Myths & Truths tour

Round I : Cluj – Dej – Bistritza – Bargo Pass
Round II :  Sighisoara -  Brasov – Bran
                  – Sibiu -    Hunedoara

DAY 1  Cluj - Napoca

First stop when you arrive in Transylvania  - Romania (by Orient Express from London , as  Jonathan Harker arrived in search of Count Dracula a century ago ) is the city of  Cluj.

Evening tour of Cluj, admire here two impresive monuments
Saint Michael’s
Gothic-style Roman Catholic Cathedral, the second largest in Transylvania, and the most famous Dormition of the Theotokos Orthodox Cathedral  built in a Romanian Brâncovenesc style, a synthesis of Renaissance and Byzantine architecture

inner accomodation 3*/4* hotel 

Optional: How about a genuine Dracula tattoo?
It’s hard to believe, but here in the heart of Transylvania you can find the best Turkish kebab, that we strongly recommend in spite of the irony – a Turkish specialty in Dracual’s country, given the fact that he was the worst enemy the Turks could have had.

delight yourself with a vampire menu for dinner, a delicious reason to travel to Transylvania! Still, an evening to fear, you’ll attend the killing of a vampire; you’ll be part of the crowd seeking to take the bloody creature to a special place where the ritual can begin!

DAY 2  Cluj –  Dej - Bistrita -  Bargau Pass

Today we begin our round journey following places as they were described by Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula  toward Bargo Pass

In our way, in  Dej we can  have a picture of the  original one  century old railway station  .

But if you select to go via  Turda you can see
the place where you’ll put your existence to the test! Here you’ll descend into the heart of one of the biggest salt mines in the country – Turda Salt Mines.
The Mine ends in a narrow tunnel where a mirror is placed.
Should you see your reflection in the mirror, you will know you still have a soul to worry about

Stop for late lunch in Bistritza, into the original Inn “Golden Crown”, where Harker had the last meal before  meeting the Count Dracula, experince for yourself a medieval meal and sweet drink.

Check in former Bistritza  Postal Station for tickets to ride  by Horse Coach to  the Count Castle or keep using your motorcoach.

Have a wine tasting in a small wine celler, and supply yourself for hard times to come..
Make the acquaintance of a unique character, Misiuga, the Baron of Dracula. He’ll welcome you in his windswept Dogarilor (Coopers’) Tower last bastion of  Bistritza Citadel with  a surprise exibition 

Head next for Count  Dracula’s Castle, built in accordance to Bram Stoker’s imagination on the border between Transylvania and Moldavia on Borgo Pass.

Listen the sad story of the Count Dracula in front of  a night bonfire,
Have a late dinner an finish your  Transylvania supplies

To test your courage, visit Dracula’s Coffin in the dungeon of the castle, where  Count Dracula use to rest durring the  daylight time.
The culminating point of your adventure in Transylvania!
Accommodation and candle lit dinner

DAY 3  Bargau– Bistrita – Sighisoara

Bid farwell to Bram Stoker who remains here  guardering his creation: Count Dracula      

Return to Bistrita for a look at one of  the most important religiouse monuments of the area  which was by turn of the time a Roman basilica, a Catholich church, an Unitarien church and today’s Orthodox.

Drive for the round  two of the jurney: the Truth and History

Sighisoara, the best preserved and still inhabited medieval citadel in Europe and a UNESCO heritage site, but probably most important for you it is Prince Vlad Dracula's birth place!
For your lunch we recommend ‘Prince Vlad Dracul’s House’, the very place where he was born, turned today into an exquisite restaurant wherein you can find frescoes dating back to the 14th c.AD

On  Halloween party time, put on your costume and get into the mood. Plenty of opportunities for you tonight: buy After-life Insurance, attend a witch trial, the Count's Fortune-teller will be at your disposal, witness the apparition of Dracula  performed by a witch and listen to your guide’s good advice, and you might just escape without being impaled! The best Halloween party idea, don’t you think?


Submerge yourself in the medieval atmosphere by visiting Sighisoara’s main attractions: The Clock Tower - built in 1360 and standing 60 meters tall on top of the citadel's hill, it hosts a museum and offers a great view over the citadel, The Torture Room, The Medieval Weapon Collection, Covered Stairs, the Church on the Hill.
If you survive, you’ll find refuge in a 3* hotel or inn nearby

DAY 4 - Sighisoara – Brasov – Bran Castle

Drive to the medieval Saxon city of Brasov to visit the historic town centre and its famous Black Church, the best-known gothic monument. The edifice holds the largest organ in Europe, which was partially destroyed during the great fire of 1689.
It was here, in the city of Brasov where Prince Vlad Dracula led raids against the Saxon merchants and found his saxon love..
If you think you can’t see stranger things than what you’ve already seen, you are wrong!
Today you’re introduced to the famous Bran Castle in Transylvania. The castle owes its fame to its unique charm,  history of Prince Vlad Dracula and to the myth Bram Stoker created around Dracula blends here.
Not far from here is the Horror House , a special treat dedicated for the strong-hearted; lunch Popasul  Reginei
Accomodation 3*/4* hotel 

DAY 5 - Brasov – Sibiu

Optional You’ll travel today to Sinaia, the pearl of mountain resorts in Romania; visit Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful royal residences in Europe. The custodians report a strange smell of violets whenever the ghost of the Queen Maria (the niece of Queen Victoria of Great Britain) returns to her beloved play-ground.!

For a walk on the famous Bridge of Liars you’ll travel to Sibiu, a city with a wonderful medieval charm, excellent views of the surrounding landscape and great food ,if you have some courage to spare you’ll cross the Bridge of liars and make a confession.
Shall you utter any lie, the bridge will collapse!

In the next vicinity Mhnea the Bad, Prince Vlad Dracula’ son was asasinated , while he was returning from the  Church.

Wisit also the Evanghelical church where  another historical figure Baron von Frankistain is buried

Evening in Sibiu , the European Cultural Capital for 2007.
The fortified town of Sibiu has been the centre of Romania 's German minority since medieval times and it is one of Romania ’s most beautiful cities. The Sibiu  strong Citade never surrender, was never conquered
The city contains the largest concentrations of tourist attractions in Romania .
Enjoy a traditional dinner in one of the oldest restaurants in Sibiu.

Optional Attend a witch trial after dinner. You’ll meet “Galdius Dei”, the famous medieval Knights of Sibiu. They’ll introduce you to medieval rituals and, should you be well prepared, turn you into a knight. Accommodate in a 3*/4* hotel.

DAY 6 - Sibiu – Hunedoara– TimisoaraToday you’re invited to pay a visit to another legendary place in Transylvania, Corvinesti Castle.
Here you‘ll see  the stone statue of Price Dracula’s uncle, and father of King of Hungary Matei Corvin: Iancu de Hunedoara .
The defender of Belgrade Citadel and Europe put a hold for almost 100 years to Turkish march toward  Central Europe.
Listen to more heroic stories of the permanent fight against the Turkish desire to conquer Europe in medieval times

In Hunedoara the legendary Corvinesti Castle is waiting for your visit. The greatest Gothic style castle in Romania, Corvinesti was built in the 14th Century, and it was also here that Prince Vlad the Impaler, Dracula was brought up.
For your lunch we recommend you choose Corviniana restaurant in Hunedoara, with a house specialty: absolutely delicious grilled “Corviniana schnitzel” with cheese sauce.
Spend the evening in Timisoara, accommodation in a 3*/4* hotel.

DAY 7  Timisoara – departure transfer

15 persons groups   
Price per person 771 Euro

- 6 nights accomodation sharing a double room, full board
   in hotel 3*/4*  stars according with avaiabilities
- transportation with turistic licenced (mini) coach
- authorized turistic guide all the itinerary

Optional tours not included
Your guide

Sorin, group leader says: It’s a great satisfaction for me to guide this tour and share all my knowledge on Transylvania’s history and legends, and also create a special fairytale, funny atmosphere.


Transylvania Mountains& Lakes
Brasov,Sinaia & Predeal

Romantic Getaway    - three nights for only 129 Euro 

Adventure   Jeep, ATV & Q Bike Tours!   Ask for details.

  North Bukovina Highlights
  UNESCO's  Heritages 

Bukovina Tours
Bukovina &
  Painted Orthodox Monasteries Tour 

DAY 1 -  Sinaia/ Busteni

arrival transfer from Otopeni International airport Bucharest
to Sinaia
visit Sinaia Monastery /and Peles Castle
accommodation in hotel Palas Sinaia 4*  / Silva Busteni 3*

DAY 2Gura Humorului

depart via Brasov, Bicaz, Piatra Neamt to Gura Humorului
Visit Bicaz Gorges  and Sfanta Ana  Lake,
Herman Fortified Church bild by saxon comunity
Optional: lunch  Ancuta's Inn 
 accomodation and dinner in Best Western 4* Mountain Club Gura Humorului

DAY 3  - Gura Humorului

visit Voronet, Sucevita and eventualy Moldovita Monasteries

Optional: lunch in Monastery dinning room,/
in the  hotel's restaurant
accomodation and dinner in Best Western Mountain
Club 4* Gura Humorului

DAY 4 - Bucharest

depart to Bucharet
visit Agapia
Optional: lunch  in Monastery
accommodation in hotel  Best Western. 4* Parc

–  Bucharest

City tour including Patriarchy, 
 Casin Monastery   
Optional: trip to Snagov /Cardarusani Monastery,
and lunch in Monastery
- visit Parliament House
  transfer to airport for departure


Accomodation  on half  board bassis in double room

Transfers and transportation by licenced touristic coach

English speaking Guide assistance 

Groups of 15 / 30 persons

price per person sharing a doubleroom    516 Euro

UNESCO's  Heritage -
  Transylvania, & Bukovina

 Orthodox Monasteries, Saxon Fortified Churches tour


   Day 1.Bucharest

   Day  2. Sibiu 

   Day  3. Bistrita  

   Day  4. Bistrita,  Vatra  Dornei,  Campu Lung

   Day  5. Sighisoara Brasov 

   Day  6. Bucharest 

Romanian countryside
Experience Romanian countryside close-up.      Maramures
An experience you will never forget.


Holiday North Bukovina - Moldova - Romania

                Traditional  Program   3 days
                 Accommodation in 4 stars hotel 
                 half board and  local drinks included

1 day     Special Dinner (open   buffet)
                Typical  Romanian music  
2 day     Festive   Dinner
                 Typical food and good music
3 day      BBQ Dinner in Arinis Inn
                 Camp  fire, folk music band and dancers

 Traditional  Program   4 days
 Accommodation in 4 stars hotel  
 half board and  local drinks included

1 day   Typical Bucovinean Dinner  
2 day   Festive   Dinner
              music band and special guests
3 day   Brunch (open buffet)
4 day   BBQ Party Hora Gospodarilor at Arinis Inn
               Camp fire, folk music band and dancers


- Home Cinema in Bradul Hall
    - Games : darts, table tennis, rummy, chess
    - Free entrance to hotels : fitness , sauna ,
      Jacuzzi , Haman

    Agreement Park  Arinis

- Adventure park
- Olympic size swimming pool

   - Ski and cable car by night lighting
     up to 50 % reduction for our guests for ski pass
    - Skating on natural lake

   Other Agreement activities
- horse riding and  horse sledge
- air soft
  - Disco and DJ

  Visits and celebrations of Holidays
- Monasteries : Front, Humor, Moldovita, Sucevita, Putna
  - Black pottery unique workshop in Marginea
  - Cacica  salt mine
  - Folk art Museum of Bucovina

transit Transylvania

ONLY 129 Euro 3 nights
 Special offer   
– 15 persons groups 3 nights 3 stars 

BUCHAREST & Sinaia    Brasov – Cluj Napoca

HOTEL  in the heart of the city buffet bfast, AC
City tour of Bucharest including visit of the PARLIAMENT PALACE
Trip to Sinaia and  visit of BRAN (DRACULA) CASTLE

BRASOV  HOTEL CAPITOL 3 stars in the city  center - buffet breakfast
City tour including Panorama of Brasov

Sighisoara  Citadel
Trip and City tour including visit of Tower Clock , Evanghelical church

CLUJ NAPOCA Central Hotel 3 stars in the city  center on bb basiss
City tour of Cluj Napoca

Authorized guides for the tours

Net prices Euro

Sharing double room/bb-129/pers
Single suppl -  50/pers

One free to 25 tourists.

Optional pay extra

folklore dinner Bucharest – 24/pers
lunch in Bran or Sighisoara 12/pers


 Mountains & Lakes

 The Carpathian Mountains are the eastern wing of
the great central mountain system of Europe
curving 1500 km (~900 miles) along the borders of
the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and
the Ukraine.
The Carpathians, which only in a few places attain
an altitude of over 2500 m,  are nowhere covered
by perpetual snow, and glaciers do not exist,
so that the Carpathians, even in their highest altitude,
recall the middle region of the Alps, with which,
however, they have many points in common as
regards appearance, structure and flora
The mountain resorts offer unlimited entertainment
  possibilities both in summer and in winter time

Sinaia & Predeal

Romantic Getaway  Sinaia
- three nights for only 129 Euro 

Adventure Sinaia  & Predeal Jeep,
ATV & Q Bike Tours!   Ask for details.

Family reunions & Weddings Sinaia        Corporate Travel and events 


                   mountain resort 
  programme for youth



DAY 1  arrivals in Otopeni International airport Bucharest, transfer,

accommodation in hotel. Silva Busteni 3 * on  full board basis

DAY 2 -  trip to Bran Castle and Rasnov Citadel 125 km,  2 hour rent of gym hall - Gokart competition

DAY 3:-  Busteni. Cable car trip to top 2000 m  pick, evening in a local Disco club

DAY 4:-  trip to Brasov 165 km, 2 hour rent of gym hall/footbal ground.

-  trip to salt mines of Slanic and  Ploiesti , evening in a local Disco club

trip to Sinaia Peles Castle  2 hour rent of gym hall/footbal ground - Paintball competition

:-  trip to Bucuresti,  city tour
transfer to airport.


Accomodation  on full board bassis in double room

Transfers and transportation by licenced touristic coach

English speaking Guide assistance 

Groups of 15 / 30 persons

price per person sharing a doubleroom   463 Euro



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